Animal Feed Additive

Animal Feed AdditiveIran zeolite is used as animal feed additive. Optimal addition of Iran zeolite to animal feed maximizes the performance of feeds’ nutrients. Based on worldwide studies on natural clinoptilolite including Iran zeolite, the following functions has been revealed as a result of adding clinopotilolite to animal's daily diet:

  • helps animals grow faster especially newborns and young animals
  • may improve egg quality in laying hens
  • conditions the rumen in dairy and beef cattle
  • reduces odor in animal husbandry sheds
  • acts as mycotoxin binder
  • reduces acidosis (grain poisoning)
  • reduces salt level in manure
  • increases milk production
  • increases meat production
  • increases fat and protein content of milk
  • promotes the intestinal adsorption of nutrients as it slows the speed of digestion

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