Water and Waste Water Treatment

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Because of the extraordinary ion exchange and adsorption characteristics; mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance; as well as its large surface area, Iran zeolite is used as an effective candidate to remove toxic heavy metals and ammonia from various water and wastewater streams.

Iran zeolite is used as substitute for sand filters in swimming pools to remove dirt, ammonia and other contaminants resulting remarkable reduce in usage of chlorine (e.g. as much as 50%).

Iran zeolite can be used in radioactive waste treatment processes. Iran zeolite showed a very have high cation exchange capacity for fission product of Cs-137 and sr-90. In this regard, Iran zeolite functions as follows:

  • Takes Cs-137 and Sr -90 from high level radioactive waste;
  • Decontaminates low and medium level radioactive waste;
  • Acts as medium to fix fission products prior to long term storage in vitrified forms.

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